Keep track of Who-Knows-What in your IT team, automatically.

With fast pace changes in technology, manually updating your IT employees profiles becomes virtually impossible. And even when attempted it will never reach the level of detail needed, nor will it include any tacit knowledge.

Using Machine Learning, Collokia Skills identifies and collects this information on your behalf.

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Finding the right person
in your organization

Find who in your organization has a specific combination of skills.

Organizations have the need to identify who has specific skills. For example: when staffing a new project, when responding to an RFP, or when in need of help for a specific problem from a customer or co-worker.

Since Collokia learns each employee’s skills automatically by monitoring which technical sites they visit, what technology articles they read, and what software languages and libraries they use when coding; it builds a very detailed profile of each employee. Then through the “Find People by Skills” feature, members of the organization can easily search for the best skills match.

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“When you work in the information technology sector, easily knowing who knows what is akin to Al Bundy not having to guess your shoe size”

- Curtis Silver, Forbes.

Engage your
IT employees.

By having them working on topics for which they have interest.

IT employees are far more productive when they work on topics of interest. Collokia automatically learns each employee’s interests and updates their profile to reflect how those interests change over time.

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“Sometimes the technology our customers are demanding is very new or top notch. You need to make sure the people you are assigning to projects have the right skills. It is the core of our business”

- Javier Minhondo, VP Technology at Globant

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