Stop wasting company time finding solutions already solved.

Collokia Experts automatically identifies experts in your organization who could answer, routes the question to the right person, and keeps responses for future use.

Is your current Knowledge Management System under-utilized?

The problem is that it is conceptually built in the wrong order, instead of trying to figure out what people need and wish you have the answers, why dont start from the questions and start building and updating the KM from there?

With Collokia Experts, the process start from the question, which is routed to the right expert, and logged for future use.

Experts are prone to answer,

Collaboration is crucial to improve creativity and productivity, the problem is how do you know with who to collaborate? who else is interested in the same subjects?

Collokia's AI-Powered Serendipity connects employees with similar interests fostering Collaboration.

Seamless integration with most popular tools.

We use Machine Learning to serve as a co-pilot for knowledge workers, detecting when they need help to offer recommendations, tips and warnings — right in the context of their everyday tools — and connect them with information, resources or people to solve the problem quickly.

Collokia Solutions for enterprises

Integrate your current knowledge management system with Collokia Experts

We can smoothtly integrate our products to your knowledge management system, authentication
or any other enterprise solutions that currently runs in your organization.

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