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We use Machine Learning to serve as a co-pilot for knowledge workers, detecting when they need help to offer recommendations, tips and warnings — right in the context of their everyday tools — and connect them with information, resources or people to solve the problem quickly.

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Cloud Hosted

Our solution is highly Scalable and Secure

Anonymized Data

Employees data is anonymized and isolated

Two Editions

Public (free) and Enterprise (paid) versions

Fast Integration

Integrated with your favourite tools and services

How it works

The Plugin 1
The Machine Learning Engine 2
The Application 3

Our plugin is installed as an add-on to your browser.
It informs our machine learning engine about the technology topics you are interested in.
It does not keep track nor store contents or urls on our servers.
At the same time, it can display useful tips inside your tools while you work.
Currently we have a plugin for Chrome. We will soon release plugins for other browsers, and plugins for IDEs.


This component runs in the cloud and functions as Collokia’s “brain”. The engine receives data from the plugins and, through sophisticated Machine Learning algorithms, learns about your skills and context.

If and when appropriate, it sends relevant information to be displayed.


Collokia web based application allows you to configure the system, setup your personal preferences, see and manage what the system learns about you, see reports, and find people with particular skills.

Our main Use Cases

We present some examples of what Collokia can do in your organization

Find People by Skills

Collokia learns each employee’s skills automatically by monitoring which sites they visit, what articles they read, what libraries they use when coding, etc.

Save time on staffing

Through the “Find People by Skills” feature, Staffers and Managers can easily search for people with a given combination of skills.

Improve employees engagement

By having them work on things they are interested in

Reduce email overload

When looking for skills, we help you go directly to the source


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Context-based Display of Internal Content

Our plugin is Context-aware and since it runs in the employee’s natural environment, when the employee is searching for information on the internet, Collokia can expose relevant information from the organization’s Internal Knowledge Base at the right moment.

Improve Internal Knowledge Propagation

Corporate documentation and guidelines could be much faster incorporated in the employees

Use of Collective Intelligence

Employees can participate and share their knowledge

Improve employees productivity

Better access to the information will help employees manage and plan tasks


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